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At Last!

An Authentic Steak Sandwich

Outside of Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, the words "Steak Sandwich" and "let's eat" go hand-in-hand. Locals enjoy the world-famous sandwich every day, at all hours of the day. And trying one is the highlight of many visitors' trips.

But travel anywhere else and you're out of luck. Because even though many have tried, no one has ever succeeded in serving up a truly authentic Philly Steak Sandwich outside of Philadelphia.

Until Big Al's Steaks, that is...

Big Al's Steaks provides 20 minute Philadelphia experiences -- via your taste buds.

Founded by a father and son from Philadelphia, Big Al's Steaks focuses on making Philly Steaks just like the ones you get in South Philly, all with the help of authentic Philadelphia ingredients and trade secrets from one of Philadelphia's most legendary Steak Sandwich chefs.

For some, Big Al's Steaks is the mouth-watering taste of home that they've been craving. For others, Big Al's Steaks is the chance to finally experience what they've been missing.

So, for an Authentic Philadelphia Steak Sandwich you have two choices... You can fly to Philadelphia or you can head over to your local Big Al's Steaks... Your taste buds won't know the difference.